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Prof. Dr. Ching Y. Suen

IEEE Life Fellow

Concordia University, Canada

Research area: Computational linguistics, Computer analysis and recognition of documents, Detection of fake coins, Design of license plates for automobiles, Human personality, Facial Beauty

Brief: Dr. Ching Y. Suen is the Founder and Co-Director of CENPARMI and the Concordia Honorary Chair on AI & Pattern Recognition. He received his Ph.D. degree from UBC Vancouver) and his Master's degree from the University of Hong Kong. He has served as the Chairman of the Department of Computer Science and as the Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science of Concordia University.


Title: Handwriting Recognition and its Impact on Cell Phone Communication

Abstract: This seminar covers the initial collection of an exhaustive list of papers on handprinting and handwriting recognition. It includes early forms of OCR and handprinting recognition techniques and their applications in mail sorting and computer processing of handprinted data on specially designed forms and envelopes. It also covers the evolution of handwriting recognition and document analysis conferences (such as ICFHR and ICDAR) to promote global exchanges and collaborations, and the huge research efforts devoted to the recognition of free handwritings. Big breakthroughs have been made, and currently people can easily handwrite messages on their cell phones for communication in different languages.

Assoc. Prof. Teoh Ai Ping

Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Research area: Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Systems, Forensic IT Auditing and Cyber security, IT Governance, Organizational Performance, Digital-based Education. 

Brief: Dr. Teoh Ai Ping holds the qualifications of Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Science (Information Technology), and Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons.). She is also a Certified Risk and Compliance Management Professional by Risk Compliance Association (US) and is Certified in Training with HRDF Malaysia. Via her membership with professional bodies, i.e. Malaysia Institute of Accountants, Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia, Association for Computing Machinery US, and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers US, Dr. Teoh continuously upgrades her knowledge and skills with up-to-date development in her areas of expertise.

TItle: Navigating the Business School Journey: A Case Study of Crafting an Online Postgraduate Program

Abstract: In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, postgraduate programs are increasingly moving online. However, the transition from traditional classroom teaching to online platforms presents unique challenges. This case study explores a holistic and cohesive approach to developing a postgraduate online program, specifically focusing on business management courses. With updated curriculum and all-inclusive learner support systems, we create an engaging learning environment that empowers open distance learners to actively construct knowledge. The study demonstrates the effectiveness of the open distance learning approach in delivering an online postgraduate program, emphasizing better understanding, problem-solving skills, and higher-level thinking. Through the lens of revised Bloom's taxonomy, we assess the impact of student-centered teaching and case discussions. Our findings highlight the potential of this approach in enhancing postgraduate education and fostering innovation in online learning.

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Assoc. Prof. Xie Ming

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

TItle: Science of Mind: New Foundation of Artificial Intelligence

Abstract: Does intelligence arise from brain or mind? The wrong answer to this question has led the research efforts into the wrong direction in the past decades. In this keynote speech, I will convince the audience about the astonishing truth which is to say that intelligence arises from mind but not from brain. This truth leads us to open the door toward achieving the science of mind which will be the new foundation of Artificial Intelligence. We know that Artificial Intelligence is regaining its wide popularity in recent years. On one hand, the importance of Artificial Intelligence is due to the availability of big data which is the result of the formation of large systems that are interconnected by various networks. On the other hand, robots and machines of tomorrow are urgently in need of gaining self-intelligence which will enable them to efficiently perform difficult tasks, and even to free people from doing dangerous jobs. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the public minds or eyes, people are putting a very high level of interests on knowing the scientific solutions behind the understanding and capabilities of self-skills and self-intelligence. Hopefully, this keynote speech will help the audience to understand the true nature of Artificial Intelligence which interestingly establishes the foundation of the Science of Mind.